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Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic™ is a liquid material that, when applied to your skin, dries (usually in about 5-10 minutes after initial application, and will also be darker than it looks in the liquid form) and shrinks approximately 3%, creating a sensuous "second skin" sensation, which all true latex enthusiasts love to experience. Our Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic™ is also excellent for designing and producing any sort of theatrical costume or stimulating party outfit (what do you want to be next Halloween?). And, if you're one of those diehard football fans that we often see strutting your favorite team's colors in the stands on Monday Night Football, then our liquid latex products are definitely for YOU! Please take a moment to examine and enjoy our website! Order now and receive a free gift!


March brings the flavor of the Irish with St. Patrick's Day and it's a great holiday to experiment with our liquid latex products! Our versatile Liquid Latex Gift Basket can bring you a lot of fun and serves many different purposes, whether for holiday decorations, craft or home projects, kids' school costumes or projects, and more! Our versatile basket includes a sample size of each of our various classic and fluorescent latex colors, so you can experiment with all kinds of decorations and projects. Use our gift baskets at all times of the year with that special someone for some extra fun,... READ MORE arts and crafts, personal/intimate use, and any number of other things! It is fun to use and easy to clean off your hands - what are you waiting for? Order one of our Gift Baskets today for yourself or anyone else who you think might enjoy it. Choose from the many beautiful basket patterns and once the latex is gone, use the basket itself for another purpose!

With March comes St. Patrick's Day and a 10% discount on related merchandise colors! Grab yours today and celebrate in style: All of our Green, Orange, and White latex items; and our Green and Gold Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle items.
Show us what you can do with our liquid latex body paint! Feel free to e-mail us with images of your work!
We are excited to announce that we will be showcasing our Liquid Latex products in this year's Bensalem Fall Festival! Our company participated in the 2012 Bensalem Fall Festival and experienced great success with getting the word out about our products. We continue to be thankful for everyone who came out and visited us and hope to see you again this year. Spread the word! We appreciate your support and look forward to introducing our products to a wider audience! Click on the image to the left to enlarge. Visit the Bensalem Township website at: to view information about the event!
Mark Greenawalt
Mark Greenawalt is an innovative artist, utilizing many different types of body paints and techniques to create his works of art, including our own Maximum Impact Body Cosmetic™. We are proud to use his design for our product labels and invite you to visit his website to learn more about his craft. He provides hands-on classes and performance demonstrations and is available to do body painting as well. Check out Mark Greenawalt at Future Class-X Publishing... READ MORE for more information. Check out our Gallery for more images of work that Mark has done with our own Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic™ Click here to read an article that Mark wrote for Illusion Magazine about his experience with liquid latex.
WMMR's Preston & Steve celebrated St. Patrick's day at Finnigan's Wake in Philadelphia on March 17, 2008, where their intern was painted with our Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic™ to represent the Irish Flag and suspended from the second story of Finnigan's Wake for all to see. Check out our gallery to see the photos. Click here to see video of the event.