Halloween Costumes

Still no idea what you're being for Halloween? Need a last minute costume for a party this weekend? Liquid latex is incredibly versatile, inexpensive, and the best part: you don't need to be an expert to use it! 

Simple Slash


This simple cut/slash is easy to make and can be applied virtually anywhere on the body. Try it yourself:

  1. Cut or tear a piece of tissue down to size to cover the area you'd like to "cut." For a hand, make it smaller. For a neck, you'll need it a little bigger. Use a couple pieces of tissue to give the cut depth, but not too thick to make it look bulky.
  2. Apply a thin layer of liquid latex to the skin, attach the tissue, and then apply more latex over the tissue and allow to dry.
  3. Continue applying thin layers of latex until the tissue is firmly in place. Again, try to avoid building the latex up too much so it doesn't look bulky.
  4. Carefully cut the latex and tissue to give the appearance of being slashed.
  5. Apply makeup to match the applique to your skin tone.
  6. Add reds and browns to the cut to give the appearance of blood. You can add some fake blood too to give it a more dramatic look




Feeling adventurous? Try this awesome zombie makeup from our former featured artist Mark Greenawalt.

The application is similar to the previous one but it involves more pieces of tissue and latex placed all around the face to give the appearance of tearing skin. Play around with building the latex up in different areas and allowing pieces to hang off as if your skin is decomposing. 

Our colored latex options would be great for this such as Fluorescent Green to give your skin that putrid, rotting look. Finish it off with body paint, makeup, and some fake blood for a complete zombie costume that will last all night!

Note: Please be extra careful when applying liquid latex to your face, around your mouth, and around your eyes. Let the latex breathe a bit to allow the ammonia smell to dissipate and avoid all contact with the eyes.

Costume Props

Applying latex directly to the skin not your thing? No problem! Liquid latex is also great for decorating props! One of our customers decided to go as a zombie waitress and used our Classic Chocolate Liquid Latex to decorate her eyeball milkshake and our Classic Red Liquid Latex to add blood to a brain burger and meat cleaver.