What are some common uses of Liquid Latex?

  • Halloween costumes

  • Custom-made body suits (see Latex Guide)

  • Custom gloves (see Latex Guide)

  • Special effects

  • Cosplay

  • School art projects

  • Do-it-yourself fixes around the house

  • Theater productions

Can I coat fabrics with Liquid Latex?

Yes, you can paint any type of material with liquid latex but be advised that once you paint it, you won't be able to remove the liquid latex. Consider all alterations to fabric using liquid latex to be permanent. We'd also suggest using a sponge applicator to apply the latex to fabric to avoid unsightly brush strokes (and also to avoid ruining your paint brush).

Will Liquid Latex stick to body hair?

Yes, Liquid Latex will stick to any hair it is applied to. If applying near your hairline, make sure all hair is tightly secured back to avoid it coming into contact with the latex. We strongly recommend shaving any area before applying latex to make the latex removal more comfortable, You can also apply a thin later of baby powder, corn starch, or Vaseline to any area before applying the latex to minimize discomfort when removing the latex.

Who shouldn't use Liquid Latex products?

Anyone with allergies to latex, ammonia, or sulfur. If you are unsure how you will react to Liquid Latex, apply a small amount to your skin and let it dry. If no reaction or discomfort occurs, you can proceed with the rest of your application. Stop using if any irritation, sensitivity, or negative reactions occur.

Why does Liquid Latex smell?

All liquid latex products use ammonia as a preservative agent. If you are allergic to ammonia-based products, then you shouldn't put liquid latex on your skin. The smell starts to go away once you leave the container open.

How is Liquid Latex made?

Our Liquid Latex is made by combining water, natural latex sap, ammonia, and various dyes depending on the desired color. The ammonia helps give the Liquid Latex a long shelf-life and a low viscosity for easy application. Please note that the color of Liquid Latex will be darker when it dries. We try our best to keep the colors as consistent as possible between batches, but color variation is possible

What is Liquid Latex Ultra Shine?

Liquid Latex Ultra Shine is a silicone-based protective coating that you can apply directly on top of your finished latex design. This helps protect the latex against cracking and fading and can help prolong the life of your artwork.

How do I remove Liquid Latex?

Once Liquid Latex has dried completely on your skin, you can gently pull or rub it off. If there is any body hair underneath the latex, this may be uncomfortable. We suggest trying our Liquid Latex Body Wash. Just spray a little bit onto the dried liquid latex and lightly rub into the latex with your finger and let it set for about 1 minute. This will help the latex separate from your skin so you can do a final cleansing with soap and water.

What is Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle?

Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle is made from mica chips designed to produce a metallic sparkle that glitters in light. Since it's a powder, you should take precaution when applying it by using a paper dust mask to avoid inhaling any small particles. A great tool to help you get started is our Liquid Latex Application Kit which comes with a dust mask.

Apply to dried latex with an applicator brush or with your fingers to take your design to the next level!

What's the shelf life of Liquid Latex?

If left unopened with the original seal in ambient temperature, the latex will maintain its original characteristics for at least a year. After 1 year, the product does start to thicken up a bit but it doesn’t dry out like it does when the lid is open.

The shelf life of opened product depends on the volume of latex in the container. We recommend using smaller sizes like the 2 oz within one week of opening, but a gallon will probably last a couple months although it may develop a thick film on top that will have to removed.

Can I dilute Liquid Latex if it's too thick?

Yes, but we advise taking caution to dilute it very slowly. Only dilute latex products with ammonia, do not use water. A little goes a long way, so if you must dilute it, do it slowly.

How much Liquid Latex does it take to cover a whole body?

This will vary depending on how many coats of latex are being applied and how big the model is. For an average sized adult, 1 32-oz container should provide at least 1 coat of latex. If more coats are desired, several containers should be purchased. 

Will my latex look exactly the same as the pictures on the website?

The resolution of every screen is different, so latex colors may appear slightly different in person. The color will also get considerably darker after it dries. We try our best to ensure that each batch of Liquid Latex we produce is the same color, but there may be some slight color variation from batch to batch.