Liquid Latex Usage Instructions

Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM and Fluorescent Liquid LatexTM have proven so popular that we manufacture all of our own exclusive formulation of premium liquid latex products and latex accessories! In doing so, WE can control the quality and availability of our products, and we can assure your total satisfaction and absolute delight in providing for all of your liquid latex needs. From our online order form (or by contacting us via our toll free phone/fax order lines) to your front door, the only Liquid Latex middleman you'll have to deal with is your local UPS delivery person!


For those fun-loving folks into the latex scene, Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM is a truly unique and fun-filled entertainment product! Take it from us - with a little preparation and the limits of your imagination, our liquid latex offerings can provide HOURS of latex fun. Our liquid latex products can even be used to make reusable latex garments for your repeated enjoyment.


As a coat of Liquid latex is applied to your body and dries, it shrinks 3%, creating that sensuous 'second skin' feel that latex enthusiasts love. Liquid Latex is also great for making theatrical costumes and several homeowners have come up with useful mechanical sealing applications around the house as well. Are you one of those crazy, painted football fans that we see screaming in the stands on Monday Night Football? If so, then this is definitely for YOU!

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Can I make a custom tight-fitting Liquid Latex bodysuit?

With our Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM, you can design a complete "do-it-yourself" custom-fit liquid latex fantasy bodysuit for less than half the cost of having one made by traditional methods. The easiest way to start is to use a Lycra spandex bodysuit, add zippers in strategic places, and use it as a "foundation" for our liquid latex fantasy products and stimulating accessories! This gives the liquid latex a level of "permanence" that rewards your creativity and personal satisfaction. Please refer to our online Instruction Guide for details. You cannot get a liquid latex suit with a better fit than to make it yourself using our premium Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM products!!!

Can I make a custom hand glove with Liquid Latex?

There are two typical methods of making a custom liquid latex glove (or other liquid latex items) at home: make the glove directly on your own arm, or create a "mold" of your arm, and then create a glove on the mold. In either case, be sure to take appropriate skin preparations prior to applying the liquid latex, or mold material, to your arm. Please refer to our online Instruction Guide for details!

What about coating fabric and other porous materials with Liquid Latex?

When using liquid latex on a fibrous material, the liquid latex will tend to flow both around, and through, the individual fibers of the material. The liquid latex will adhere very firmly, so consider any use of the products on fabric to be permanent. To intentionally coat any fabric, you may either dip it, splash liquid latex on it, or paint it using an inexpensive sponge brush. Do not use a filament or bristle-type brush because the liquid latex will cause the brush filaments to stick together, leaving unsightly brush marks in the latex coating. Make sure that the liquid latex is forced into all the cavities (spaces) between the fabric fibers. Let the first coat of liquid latex sink thoroughly into the material, and allow adequate time for the liquid latex to dry. Apply as many additional coats of liquid latex that you feel you need to complete the surface texturing that you desire. Also, be careful of "runs" in the liquid latex, since they will not disappear in the final product.

Are there any additional benefits from using Liquid Latex on my skin?

One unpublicized benefit of liquid latex use? After removing the dried liquid latex coating, your skin will be left "silky smooth" - like a baby"s behind, and all your surface pores will have been thoroughly cleansed. In fact, your complexion may have never looked better!

What do you suggest regarding Liquid Latex and body hair?

It is best to shave your sensitive body areas before applying liquid latex to the skin. It is also suggested to liberally apply a coating of any good moisturizing lotion to your skin just before applying the liquid latex. These quick-n-easy skin preparations will ensure your total fun & satisfaction both during, and after, your latex play.

What about Liquid Latex and body hair?

Make no mistake about it - liquid latex will bond to body hair. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that any part of your body to be dipped, or coated, or painted, with Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM should be free of body hair. And just because you can"t easily see body hair doesn't necessarily mean that there is no hair present! And if you do get liquid latex into your hair, it is best removed in the shower with a generous amount of soap to help lubricate the liquid latex coating enough to gently slide off of the embedded hairs.

Who shouldn't use Liquid Latex products?

Anyone with very sensitive skin, or having known allergies to ammonia, sulfur, and/or latex-based products, should avoid using liquid latex. Ammonia is a key ingredient in all of today's liquid latex compounds (regardless of manufacturer). Anyone who is sensitive to ammonia, or anyone with known skin or respiratory allergies, should obviously avoid use of any form of prolonged direct contact with liquid latex.

What is Latex sensitivity?

There are three different types of reactions to natural rubber latex. They are (1) irritation, (2) delayed hypersensitivity (allergic contact dermatitis), and (3) immediate hypersensitivity (anaphylactic symptoms). Irritation is typically classed as a 'non-allergic' condition. The irritated skin may be dry & crusty, and the symptoms naturally resolve when contact with the latex ceases. Delayed hypersensitivity presents itself as skin becoming dry, crusty and leathery with eruptions appearing as sores and blisters. This response occurs between 6 and 48 hours after initial contact. Repeated latex exposure causes the skin condition to expand beyond the area of contact. Many people with delayed hypersensitivity have a history of atrophy (allergy, dermatitis, or asthma). Immediate hypersensitivity is an allergic response mediated by IgE (an antibody found in blood circulation). On the skin, this can present hives that migrate beyond the point of contact with latex. Systemic allergic symptoms can include itching eyes, swelling of lips or tongue, breathlessness, dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea, hypotension, shock, and potentially even death. These symptoms are likely to result from a massive release of 'histamine' at a local or whole body level. This condition results from binding of the latex allergens to the sensitized receptors on mast cells.

Is there a smell associated with Liquid Latex?

All liquid latex products use ammonia as a preservative agent. It doesn't really smell all that bad, but if you are hypersensitive to the smell, you won't be thrilled about it. Also, if you are allergic to ammonia-based products, then you shouldn't put liquid latex on your skin. Performing a simple test of using liquid latex in contact with a small area of your skin for about 4 hours will quickly determine if you will have a hypersensitive reaction to latex. Once the liquid latex dries, though, the smell is completely gone.

How is Liquid Latex made?

Specifically, a typical formulation of liquid latex contains 65% water, 34.7% natural latex sap, and 0.3% ammonia. The natural latex is derived from rubber tree sap which dries to a natural amber color. It is also compounded into a shiny black (or other) colors by adding various dyes. The ammonia is added to retain a high pH of the compound, and to retard spoilage. The ammonia is in low concentration, and will vent off quickly when the cap is opened or when the liquid latex dries. The main solvent for the liquid latex is water. Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM can be used to coat almost anything, including fun-loving stimulating people! Please note that the color will be darker when it dries than it looks in the liquid form and, although we try our best to keep the colors as consistent as possible between batches, it is possible that they may vary.

What are the required properties in the development of Liquid Latex?

After thorough experimentation & analysis, a formula of liquid latex must be compounded into a medium that fulfills the following requirements:

- Use and cure at room temperature

- Coats almost anything

- Use to make fabrics in any color

- Permanently coats porous surfaces

- Lifts off non-porous surfaces

- Retains the surface texture

- Easily colored

- When lit from behind, colors are translucent

- Black/white are opaque

- Dilutes with water

- Non-toxic

- Ammonia odor disappears quickly

- Curing enhanced by slight increases in temperature

- Withstands short term exposure to temperatures over 300 degree F

What makes Liquid Latex preferable over other types of rubber?

Liquid latex is the stretchiest rubber, easily stretching from 400 to 1000% of its resting length. Liquid latex can also be remarkably strong than most, even when quite thin. Liquid latex is easily colored, and is naturally translucent (except when colored black or white). This translucency has been a major factor in using liquid latex compounds as an art medium. Another important factor is that liquid latex shrinks 3-4% when it cures. That shrinkage has to be taken into account when sizing anything made from liquid latex. When it cures, the liquid latex molecules polymerize by forming bonds between sulfur molecules. These bonds continue to form over several months, progressively hardening the liquid latex.

What are the other unique properties of Liquid Latex?

Liquid latex is unlike any other rubber. Latex is unique since it is a natural polymer derived from tree sap. As a natural polymer, it uses water as its base solvent. It is one of the few rubber compounds that is non-toxic in a liquid and solid state. Latex has the best memory of any rubber, that is, the ability to return to its original shape without permanent distortion. Latex is also the most sensitive of rubbers, being readily damaged by oils of any kind, by ozone, and UV light.

Why should I consider purchasing Liquid Latex Sample Sleeves?

Maybe you just want to see which color best complements your own natural features. Many of our customers buy the Sample SleevesTM simply to have a variety of liquid latex colors available for highlighting their various garments & accessories for each special occasion. Liquid Latex Sample SleevesTM are also great for mixing & swirling several liquid latex colors for that uniquely personal appearance. Whatever your reason - our Sample SleevesTM could be the perfect product to meet all your liquid latex needs. As with all of our liquid latex fantasy products, each liquid latex jar within our Sample SleevesTM is safety-sealed and quality inspected to assure your absolute satisfaction in designing your own custom liquid latex creation.

Can I use commercially available rubber preservatives in my Liquid Latex?

Many commercially available rubber preservative products (such as those you may find at your local automotive store) include petroleum-based ingredients, and they will not provide the desired results when used on your unique liquid latex creations. If you do choose to browse your local retail store to purchase a product that makes rubber 'shine', then be sure to look for products that are clearly marked "Teflon-based" or "silicone-based", and contain no petroleum-based ingredients.

What is Liquid Latex Ultra Shine?

Liquid Latex Ultra ShineTM is formulated with a proprietary combination of silicone & other polymer protectants that provide long-lasting protection against the harsh effects of ozone, heat, perspiration, and ultraviolet light. Liquid Latex Ultra ShineTM also helps protect all your liquid latex garments and accessories from cracking & color fading, in addition to resisting airborne dust accumulation by reducing static electricity buildup. And Liquid Latex Ultra ShineTM will instantly product a glossy, wet shine for that special look that will immediately catch their eyes (without being greasy or slimy to the touch).

Should I consider purchasing a Liquid Latex Application Kit?

Our Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic Application KitTM contains everything you need to design a liquid latex masterpiece of your own. The standard Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic Application KitTM comes complete with a 16 oz. jar of black Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM, a 1 oz. container of silver or gold Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM, two polyfoam application brushes, one facial dust mask (to be used when mixing/applying the SparkleTM), one 4 fl. oz. bottle of Latex Body WashTM, one 2 fl. oz. bottle of Liquid Latex Ultra ShineTM and a complete liquid latex product brochure with clearly written user instructions - all in a beautifully screen-printed plastic case (with locking clip and handle). This is a deal you just can't beat! A single Application KitTM contains enough liquid latex fantasy product and stimulating accessories for you to completely cover a torso, or make yourself a custom pair of gloves, or even create a stylish latex-coated pair of glitter jeans. Our liquid latex Application KitTM is an excellent initial purchase, and will generally meet all of your creative needs for a very reasonable price.

Is Liquid Latex easy to remove?

Because the perspiration and natural oils of your skin automatically tend to "lift" a liquid latex coating slightly above the surface of the skin, your liquid latex garment will readily "peel off" normal skin several hours after the initial application (or it can be cleanly peeled off as soon as it's dried). This is particularly evident if you took the time to remove body hair from the application area, and if you also used a liberal coating of skin conditioning lotion just prior to the liquid latex application process.

Why should I consider using Latex Body Wash?

Our proprietary Latex Body WashTM is a biodegradable formulation designed to aid in the emulsification and removal of Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM. Simply pump-spray our Latex Body WashTM onto the dried liquid latex surface, and lightly rub the fluid into the latex with your fingertips for about one (1) minute. Soon you will see the latex slowly start to separate from your skin. A final cleansing with mild soap & warm water will reveal your deeply-cleansed, silky-smooth, "baby fresh" skin.

How do I remove Liquid Latex when I'm finished partying?

Our Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM can easily be removed from your skin by gently washing the surface coating with mild soap & warm water, allowing the soapy water to splash between your skin and the liquid latex garment as you bathe. Of course, with your complete Liquid Latex Application KitTM purchase, you'll also appreciate the effectiveness of our unique Latex Body WashTM (included in each Kit) for quick & complete removal of your liquid latex creation, especially in those extra-sensitive body areas.

What is Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle made from?

Made from mica chips, a purely natural mineral, Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM produces a spectacular metallic color that twinkles & glitters in the presence of a light source. While both Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM and Fluorescent Liquid LatexTM are completely harmless when applied to normal skin, take care to avoid breathing the Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM dust during the application process (just as you would when using any powdered product). Using a simple paper dust mask is recommended (we provide a mask in our Liquid Latex Application KitTM).

How do you apply Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle?

You can pre-mix Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM into your final coating of Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM liquid for a shimmering result that has a subtle brilliance to it, or you can rub Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM directly onto the surface of your finished liquid latex coating for a wild metallic highlight. Many of our customers recommend the use of our natural color (clear) Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM as the final coating for any latex creation intending to use Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM on the final surface treatment because the SparkleTM can be easily pre-mixed with the liquid latex prior to application - resulting in an intense metallic effect. In this way, the Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM will not rub off after repeated wearings and washings.

What is Rainbow Metallic Pearl Sparkle used for?

Smoothed across a rubber surface, Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM polishes to a brilliant shine in six dazzling colors: silver, gold, blue, red, violet, and green. Mixed with Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM or Fluorescent Liquid LatexTM, or just lightly dusted on your shoes or clothing, Rainbow Metallic Pearl SparkleTM glitters in the light - and if you like the Dance Club scene, everyone will love this gleaming effect under the spotlights and strobe lights!

What is so unique about fluorescent Liquid Latex?

Fluorescent Liquid LatexTM is an exclusive, proprietary fantasy blend that has been designed to give you that mesmerizing 'glow-in-the-dark' appearance that will definitely make YOU the center of everyone's attention when the lights are low. Now you can really let your stimulating imagination fly in creating the ultimate skin-tight liquid latex outfit! And our Fluorescent Liquid LatexTM formulation is completely non-toxic, and will not clog your pores or prevent normal perspiration from forming.

How are Liquid Latex products packaged?

All Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM products are packaged in safety-sealed containers to guarantee your protection, and to provide you with the highest possible product quality. In addition, your Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTMpurchases are always shipped with clearly printed liquid latex user instructions for your added convenience.

What if Liquid Latex is coated directly onto body hair?

As for body hair - well, if you don't get rid of it first, you'll probably lose it the hard way when you try to get your finished latex product off your body.

What can I coat with Liquid Latex?

Liquid latex can coat almost anything. Non-porous surfaces will not hold on to the cured product, and can therefore be used as a mold. Porous products (such as jeans, shirts, etc.) will permanently hold the liquid latex once cured.

Doesn't Liquid Latex tend to be sticky?

Latex that is cured at room temperature is always a little bit prone to adhering to itself. Therefore, a surface treatment is recommended after curing of the liquid latex is complete (talcum powder works well).

How is Liquid Latex applied?

Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM can be applied in many different ways, such as dripping, pouring, dipping, painting, and spraying. We offer disposable polyfoam brushes for sale for your use as a simple, easy painting application. These brushes are also great for mixing, swirling, and spattering the liquid latex, and can also be used for doing precise application artwork. After the liquid latex curing is complete, it is recommended that a slight layer of standard talcum powder be applied to the coating surface to prevent the liquid latex from possibly adhering to itself.

Can you tell me a bit more about Liquid Latex?

Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM, a pasty liquid available in a variety of alluring stimulating colors, will self-vulcanize at room temperature. As soon as the initial coat of Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM is applied to your skin and dries (usually in about 5-10 minutes after application), our liquid latex body coating naturally shrinks approximately 3%, creating that sensuous "Second Skin" sensation that all true liquid latex enthusiasts love to experience. After the surface coat is "dry to the touch", it may be re-applied for additional coatings to any desired thickness of liquid latex. After you have applied all the layers you wish, the liquid latex will totally dry in about 1 hour, and totally cure (ready to use) in about 4 hours. The color of the dried latex will be darker than it is in the liquid form. Please Note: We try our best to keep the colors as consistent as possible between batches, but it is possible that they may vary.

Why can I depend on liquid latex products provided by Moonlite Services?

We manufacture Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM using an exclusive, proprietary blend of natural virgin latex sap, water, and ammonia ingredients. By doing our own product research, development, manufacturing, testing, marketing, and distribution, WE control the quality & availability of our fantasy product offerings, and we can therefore assure your total satisfaction & absolute delight in providing for all of your liquid latex needs.

What are the benefits of Liquid Latex Body Cosmetic products?

The key benefits of our premium quality liquid latex fantasy products include: liquid latex is available in a variety of eye-popping colors and stimulating highlights. liquid latex shrinks 3% to create that sensuous 'second skin' sensation. latex can be used on all custom garments, costumes, fantasy accessories, and more. our product portfolio contains everything you'll need to design a fantasy liquid latex masterpiece. all liquid latex products are totally safe - will not clog pores or prevent normal perspiration. liquid latex is very easy & fun to apply (especially when a friend helps). sparkle can be pre-mixed with the liquid latex, or applied to the final dry coating surface. our application kit includes a convenient plastic carrying case with everything you need to fulfill your fantasy. our body wash easily & gently removes your custom liquid latex garment from your skin. our body wash thoroughly cleans the skin, especially those sensitive body areas. our ultra shine instantly starts to protect the latex, while bringing out the natural luster. our ultra shine is a biodegradable formulation designed to aid in the emulsifying & removal of liquid latex. our ultra shine will give all your liquid latex fantasy creations that slick 'wet look' shine (without being greasy). Our liquid latex will provide hours of stimulating excitement for everyone involved.

Are liquid latex products safe to use?

YES! Our proprietary liquid latex formulations are completely non-toxic, and will actually lift off your skin by themselves if left on for several hours. And Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM will not clog your pores or prevent normal perspiration from forming.

Is liquid latex really popular?

Today, our Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM is one of the hottest adult entertainment products available - worldwide. With a little artistic preparation, and the limits of your imagination, our liquid latex offerings can provide you and your friends with HOURS of stimulating latex fun & excitement.

What's this latex 'second skin' that I hear about?

When a coat of Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM is applied to your skin and dries (usually in about 5-10 minutes after initial application), our liquid latex body coating naturally shrinks approximately 3%, creating that sensuous "second skin" sensation that all true liquid latex enthusiasts love to experience.

Why should I considered the liquid latex products offered by Maximum Impact?

Our portfolio of liquid latex fantasy product offerings and stimulating accessories are wonderfully exciting, and provide limitless eye-popping possibilities for your total latex enjoyment. Our wide variety of bold liquid latex fantasy colors & highlights allow for unbelievably wild visual delights for you and all your stimulating friends to enjoy.

What can liquid latex be used for?

Liquid Latex Body CosmeticTM can be used to make custom-fit reusable latex gloves, garments & accessories, or even to "paint your face" with your favorite team colors on game day. Our liquid latex is also excellent for designing & producing any sort of theatrical costume or party outfit (so what do you want to be next Halloween?). Liquid latex can be used with stencils at parties or for crafts, and also to create your own temporary tattoos or to even cover up a tattoo temporarily, to help you celebrate your favorite holiday, around the house to act as a slip-resistant coating, any variety of crafts for home or school as another painting technique, as a temporary and easily-removable fingernail paint, and so many other different ways. Please let us know what you've used our liquid latex for!

What's so unique about liquid latex?

Liquid latex is a rubber that is liquid when you get it, and air dries in minutes to form a sheet of latex on any surface.....of any contour! Now that's unique!